Ethereum Classic and OriginalMy

Our CEO Edilson Osório will be a speaker at the Ethereum Classic Summit again. This year, the event will take place on the 3rd and 4th of October, in Vancouver, Canada.

The subject of his talk will be “Redefining Governments through Trusted Blockchain Applications“. In it, he will cover the following topics:

  • Equalizing Access to Justice
  • Authenticating Legally Binding Proofs
  • e-Voting: Secret Voting on Public Blockchains
  • Empowering People to develop their Laws
  • Fighting against Fake-News, Harassment, and Cyberbullying
  • Solving P2P frauds and man-in-the-middle by easy-to-use strong Cryptography

The goal of his talk will be to present how real blockchain applications are transforming governments, empowering people by democratizing access to Justice, and also eliminating frauds, corruption, and bureaucracy.

OriginalMy and Ethereum Classic

OriginalMy is considered one of the main projects related to the Ethereum Classic blockchain, being called the Leader in Decentralized Identity Solutions. On the page Powered by ETC, from the Ethereum Classic website, OriginalMy is the first project listed.

Acceleration by the ETC Labs

In the first semester of 2019, OriginalMy was selected for the First Cohort of the Ethereum Classic Labs acceleration program. In total, 140 startups applied, but only 11 were chosen, according to the presentation Introducing The First Cohort at ETC Labs.

In an interview with ETC Labs, our CEO was asked why he chose Ethereum Classic, and this is how he replied:

“At the time of The DAO fork, OrignialMy was working to integrate our engine for identity, signatures and registering on blockchain on a project for signing public petitions, created by a very respected NGO in Brazil (ITS-Rio). That project is named Mudamos and they are winners of the Google.org Social Impact Challenge in 2016.

In the middle of prototyping, The DAO fork happened. That was a nightmare trying to figure out how to present a public petition to the Congress, signed by thousands or million of people, and registered on a place that had the immutability compromised and where the signatures could change, or be removed.

Because of that, for Mudamos, we developed a side-chain for registering and aggregating each unique signature, but our own project for signing documents and contracts was relying on Bitcoin. Then in 2017, the team was launching and presenting the Identity and Signing mobile app on Consensus in NY, and Bitcoin reached $5k usd. During the time of the conference, all demos the team was doing in our booth were costing us more than $40. Returning to Brazil we moved both identity and signing layer to Ethereum, then 1 month later Ethereum reached $400. Shortly after we moved to Ethereum Classic, because the immutability and costs were both very important aspects to be considered.

Ethereum Classic Summit 2018

OriginalMy was also present at the Ethereum Classic Summit 2018, in Seoul, South Korea. Our CEO Edilson was a speaker there for the first time, and he talked about “Identity, Authentication and Proof-of-Authorship“. You can watch the full talk in the video below.


OriginalMy is also recognized by the European Union as a Trusted Blockchain Application and by the United Nations as a use case of blockchain technology for social impact. It was also featured in the CoinDesk post Why Google Data Scientists Are Interested in Ethereum Classic.

Did you know that OriginalMy’s PACWeb was considered by the Court of Appeals of São Paulo as a valid way to collect and store evidence of online content for courts? You can learn more about it on our website and download the plugin on the Chrome Play Store.