Digital signature, certification and registry

BitRegistro: Blockchain providing a Proof-of-Authenticity protecting your creations, ideas, contracts and much more


The Benefits.

Art Works

Artists may protect copyright registering their certificates of authenticity or photos of their work, proving the existence and creation date.

Prove an idea

An inventor can prove who was the first person to have certain idea, registering a document describing it. (check if your country legally protect ideas).


Agreements and contracts may have their legal validity confirmed by the registration date of the original document and proven testimony by the parties.

Baixe grátis. Assine contratos e utilize a sua Identidade Blockchain com agilidade e segurança.

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Big companies using Blockchain.


Will use the blockchain to record the auditing made on customers and other products. Recently launched the project Rubix

Santander Bank

Santander has launched a study which is 20 to 25 use cases for blockchain, reducing costs by up to $ 20 billion a year.


Nasdaq, one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, want to use the blockchain to make a monitoring of financial records more accurate and cheaper way.


Considering the blockchain a safe environment and failsafe, Citibank bank is even testing a new own currency, the Citicoin.

  • We started with a very specific demand... As a company of 200,000 people, we need to understand more about blockchain and technologies around. We believe that it can actually change the way our customers operate and how we operate ...

    Eric Piscini, Diretor Deloitte Consulting
  • For us, the first obvious room to explore all payments is particularly the area of International payments (remittances). We think the future of smart contracts have the potential to transform many of the other things we do.

    Julio M. Faura, global head of R&D innovation at Santander
  • Using blockchain is a natural evolution to manage digital physical securities. After cutting the umbilical cord of the need for the physical (paper), the opportunities we imagine the blockchain providing benefit not only our customers, but the broader global capital markets.

    Bob Greifeld, Diretor Executivo da Nasdaq
  • We also have an equivalent to Blockchain installed and working within the labs, so that we can develop what we call 'Citicoin', for lack of a better term. [Yet] it is in the labs, but to make sure that we are in the forefront of this technology and we can explore the opportunities within it.

    Kenneth Moore, Diretor do Citigroup Innovations Lab