Digital signature, certification and registry

BitRegistro: Blockchain providing a Proof-of-Authenticity protecting your creations, ideas, contracts and much more

The Benefits.

Prove an idea

An inventor can prove who was the first person to have certain idea, registering a document describing it. (check if your country legally protect ideas).


Agreements and contracts may have their legal validity confirmed by the registration date of the original document and proven testimony by the parties.

Art Works

Artists may protect copyright registering their certificates of authenticity or photos of their work, proving the existence and creation date.


This system easily allows the recording of musical works (songs, themes, compositions, music, etc.) in any form, whether written or audio file, protecting copyright.

Brands and patents

Registering your trademark and/or patent, you have one more proof to ensure the precedence of your property while waiting for the government to recognize your creation.


Register any digital file. You can make a BitRegistro for forecasts, certificates, books, projects, agreements and even that jackpot or anything else you want to prove the authenticity.

Make your BitRegistro or check the authenticity of a document or a contract


For your safety and privacy, your document WILL NOT be stored.
The digital signature is exclusive and will be generated directly in your browser.


Load a copy of the original document. It's the key to access the system.

  • New Document

    A new document generates a new digital signature

  • Document already registered

    A document already registered reports its certification status and authenticity

A new bitregistro is required if there is any change in the document.


The first Brazilian company using The Blockchain as a protocol
and one of the top 100 most influential companies in the world. Read more.

Richtopia Top 100 Ideia grande

In the era of 'nothing is created, everything is copied', protecting the authenticity of your creations is a great challenge.

Fast BitRegistro certifies a legal proof-of-authenticity as irrevocable and irrefutable proof of your creation originality.

  • Fast

    An automated way for certifying and registering the authenticity of your creations using the protocol named Blockchain 2.0

  • High availability

    The blockchain is a distributed and decentralized network, which means it is spread all over the planet and fraud free. Once your certificate is registered in this network no one can change it, even companies or the government. And it can be queried directly without relying more on this site.

  • Privacy and anonymous

    We do not store any of the documents content information. Just knows the file contents who has access directly to it. It is impossible to recreate the original document from the digital signature!

  • Low cost

    Think about how much is expensive, hard, slow and bureaucratic doing any work in registry offices or government regulators. Our system is highly effective, fast and the price is about the same as a cup of coffee.

  • International legal validity/h4>

    On top of this, it is possible that all interested parties prove their knowledge and acceptance to the content registered, ensuring international legal validity for your BitRegistro.

Prova de Autenticidade para conteúdo Web

Encontrou algum conteúdo calunioso sobre você ou sua empresa? Deseja gerar uma prova de que determinado conteúdo estava disponível em algum site em certo momento? Recebeu um email com conteúdo ameaçador?

A Extensão para o browser Chrome OriginalMy gera a Prova de Autenticidade que você precisa.

Esta ferramenta pode ser muito útil para gerar uma prova adicional nos seguintes casos:

  • Conteúdo calunioso
  • Páginas fazendo cyber-bullying
  • Conteúdo falso sobre pessoas
  • Ameaças por email
  • Qualquer conteúdo em rede social, página, blog ou site onde seja necessário comprovar a existência da informação

Esta ferramenta cria uma prova adicional e não deve ser utilizada como única fonte de comprovação pois não existe prova única e 100% conclusiva. Ela será complementar a outras provas que ajudem a montar um perfil de comportamento que será analisado pela justiça.

Para mais informações, leia o manual neste link e instale a extensão para o Chrome neste link.

Certifying the BitRegistro for your creation.


Describe your creation

Describe in a file your creation or anything else. It can be a PDF file, a video testimonial or an audio file. Any digital file is valid.

Put a reference to the creator in this file. Example: Created by [Your Name], [Legal Document ID] in [Date]


Digital Signature

When you apply the digital file in the area Register a Document, a single and unique digital signature that will identify your document will be created.



Make the payment for the proof of authenticity regarding your document be created and registered in Blockchain



You now have a legal proof of authenticity of your creation, which is stored and certified on a open network, free, decentralized, safe and modern, regardless of governments or institutions.

At this point, interested parties or stakeholders may prove their knowledge about the content, ensuring international legal validity for your BitRegistro.

Verifying your BitRegistro.


The original file is the key

The original file is the key for accessing the proof of authenticity in the Blockchain.

Through it is found the digital signature, which is always the same, unique and exclusive to the document unchanged.

For your safety, remember to save multiple copies of the original file in safe places.


Load the digital file

In the register area, load the original file used previously.

The system identifies the digital signature from it and checks the status of its BitRegistro in the database.


Transaction ID

The Transaction ID is the address where the digital proof-of-authenticity is stored in the Blockchain.

Keep this ID safe, without it you can not find your certificate.


Compare the Digital Signature

The digital signature can be verified in the field OP_RETURN [digital dignature][...]4f5249474d59

  • Em On click on '+', on the left side from the transaction id
  • On click on 'Show scripts & Coinbase'
  • On another websites, look for the OP_RETURN in the scripts area.

Watch the video.


Promotional prices. The values can be changed at any time.


USD 3 00
  • per authenticity
  • Confirmation email
  • Suport
  • API access


USD 750 00
monthly payment
  • 250 monthly BitRegistros
  • Confirmation email
  • Support
  • API Access

Big companies using Blockchain.


Will use the blockchain to record the auditing made on customers and other products. Recently launched the project Rubix

Santander Bank

Santander has launched a study which is 20 to 25 use cases for blockchain, reducing costs by up to $ 20 billion a year.


Nasdaq, one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, want to use the blockchain to make a monitoring of financial records more accurate and cheaper way.


Considering the blockchain a safe environment and failsafe, Citibank bank is even testing a new own currency, the Citicoin.

  • We started with a very specific demand... As a company of 200,000 people, we need to understand more about blockchain and technologies around. We believe that it can actually change the way our customers operate and how we operate ...

    Eric Piscini, Diretor Deloitte Consulting
  • For us, the first obvious room to explore all payments is particularly the area of International payments (remittances). We think the future of smart contracts have the potential to transform many of the other things we do.

    Julio M. Faura, global head of R&D innovation at Santander
  • Using blockchain is a natural evolution to manage digital physical securities. After cutting the umbilical cord of the need for the physical (paper), the opportunities we imagine the blockchain providing benefit not only our customers, but the broader global capital markets.

    Bob Greifeld, Diretor Executivo da Nasdaq
  • We also have an equivalent to Blockchain installed and working within the labs, so that we can develop what we call 'Citicoin', for lack of a better term. [Yet] it is in the labs, but to make sure that we are in the forefront of this technology and we can explore the opportunities within it.

    Kenneth Moore, Diretor do Citigroup Innovations Lab

Frequently asked questions.

What is a Digital Signature?

This is a unique and exclusive identity for the digital document, certifying:

  • Authenticity: Proves that the document is itself
  • Integrity: Any change in the document makes the digital signature does not match the previously registered
  • Irreversibility or non-repudiation: You can not deny the authenticity of the document

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What is Transaction ID?

It is the address where the proof of authenticity will be stored inside the Blockchain. Through the transaction id you can find the digital certificate.
In the transaction you can find the digital certificate registered in the scripts area, within the field named OP_RETURN.
Ex.: OP_RETURN c4569950f2a51432a8fcf93a62bb15a1365e42dbcce7f9b329ea0dfe36dd6ddd4f5249474d59
Note: It might be that some sites do not display this information directly, for example: on you need to click on 'Show scripts & Coinbase' link

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Justice recognizes this kind of proof-of-authenticity?

After the record is confirmed by the blockchain, you already have a legal proof of authenticity. To reinforce the legal validity of contracts, parties can prove their knowledge and agreement to the document content, ensuring international legal validity for your record.
Although there is no specific jurisprudence on the blockchain 'yet', a document digitally signed and certified on a public network, irrevocably, with the knowledge and agreement of all the parties involved about the document contents, it can be considered additional and complementary proof in cases of dispute.

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Does BitRegistro replace the public registration or the registration of trademarks and patents?

Currently, this record does not exclude the need for registration in official agencies and government, but offers support and counter-proof in cases of dispute as the official channels do not provide a quick and efficient way to validate the authenticity of the information.

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What is the guarantee that this document has been certified by

All records in Blockchain will be made through the public address (public-key) 1oriGMy27TK1YyrJuYxPvRparcf5HKuxs, whose private key is owned and exclusive property of

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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed database (ledger) of public accounting that records cryptocurrency transactions in a decentralized and distributed network. Each blockchain uses its own cryptocurrency. The system does not depend on trust between the different users (network nodes). Anyone can control and monitor a system node. The blockchain network operates autonomously without a central database or single central administrator. The blockchain runs and is maintained collectively by various nodes of the peer-to-peer network to record transactions, and uses open source encryption to provide basic security functions to ensure that the cryptocurrency can only be spent by the owner and avoid double spending, forgery and tampering databases. An innovative solution that performs open accounting without relying on a trusted central authority. - Source: Wikipedia

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Do you store copies of my original document?

Your documents and information shall NOT be stored on our databases or Blockchain.
We store only the digital signature (cryptographic identity) from your document, which is a single and unique signature, recognized only from the original document.
From the original document is possible to recreate the digital signature, but from the digital signature is impossible to recreate the original document.

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What is a Digital Certificate?

A certificate is used to link an entity to a public key (such as a digital signature).
Our digital certificate consists of three parts, in the following format: [digital signature], [Brazilian official time], [Issuer ID].
Example (on a single line without breaking): 6a3fa2e2c7a6eb66f82116bb75c6953e8eb80e2cc7d2745a9ade8e210d0815c2d641

In the digital certificate of the above example:
  • 3b: field separator in hexadecimal, it shows the converted text ';'
  • 323031362d30362d30382030303a30343a323020555443: It is the Brazilian legal time in hexadecimal. If converted shows the text 2016-06-08 00:04:20 UTC
  • 4f5249474d59: It is the identification of in hexadecimal. If converted shows the text ORIGMY
  • 6a3fa2e2c7a6eb66f82116bb75c6953e8eb80e2cc7d2745a9ade8e210d0815c2d641: It is the digital signature of the document itself

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If the website no longer exists, can I verify my digital certificate?

Even if this site is not available, your certificate will be registered in blockchain forever, irrevocably. You can check your certificate directly in blockchain using your Transaction ID and the original document.

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How do I manually verify my Digital Certificate?

  • Calculate the SHA256 of the document.
  • Go to the website and paste the transaction id in the search field.
  • In scripts, click'Show scripts & coinbase' to show the field 'Output Scripts'.
  • Find the OP_RETURN field and check the digital signature of the document before our marker 0x4f5249474d59 (ORIGMY in ascii).

Some services like Coin Secrets or's list can help to locate OP_RETURN transactions easily.

The existence of this transaction in Blockchain is the proof of authenticity that the document was present at the time of registration and it was definitely included with the block

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Companies integration - API

We provide an API for companies that want to make batch document registration:

  • Very easy implementation.
  • It is not necessary to make payments for each record.
  • Controlling the amount of remaining records (quota control).
  • Receive confirmation by email.

Download the API integration manual at this link.

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